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Meditation Effect

Happy Couple

Are we okay with this?

Even the air rattles between those who don't talk much and those who don't look at each other.

''I didn't marry for this...'' I want to return to the thrilling moment, I want to go back to the exciting moments, I want to do well. But I think every couple has at least one awful feeling of not knowing where to start and how to change the situation for the better.


The moment 
when we lose interest in each other and the questions disappear,

it is time to look back on our life as a couple.


 Comparison with the husband / wife next door
✓ The mind that doesn't appreciate each other
✓ The mind that blames others or spouse for the difficult situations
✓ The selfish mind that thinks that even if I don't express myself, the other person should understand me

  • When the inability to speak disappears, we can comfortably say what we want.

  • We are honest about our feelings towards our spouse.

  • We express gratitude naturally.

  • Even in difficult situations, we can get through it well by asking and answering each other's opinion.

  • We can accept and respect each others feelings.

I recommend this meditation to everyone 
  • When we want to acknowledge and respect each other's differences, but things don't go our way

  • When you want your negative thoughts about your spouse to go away

  • When dissatisfaction builds up and we are no longer happy with each other


If you are brave, try the mind subtraction meditation first
It's even better if you two are together

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