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Be Stress Free

Find Freedom From Within

Our attitude and perception of the world will determine how we handle these stressful situations. Some people mask their stressors and anxiety with humor, while for others it is visually present, emotionally wearing them down. Stress plays a toll on our body, deeply focusing on these thoughts, replaying them like a record and in that moment we don’t realize what is truly happening. Is my mind playing tricks on me? 🤔

We try a variety of outlets to handle/avoid stress (i.e. exercise🏋️, writing📝, cooking, watching tv, walking, shopping, traveling, etc). These offers momentary relief, but the root of stress never disappears, it just digs deeper into our subconscious. Within hours or days we would feel stressed again, typically at a heightened degree than the previous time. "I always wondered how I could stop these constant nonsense thoughts from replaying in my mind". 

People's stress comes from the mind world that they have. A person's mind is the life lived of each individual, which is the karma, along with the habits that they have inherited from their ancestors. This makes up the mind. Once this itself is thrown away then stress will disappear. The self-centered, false mind stored within oneself is where the stress comes from. Once that is thrown away, the stress disappears.

Through this meditation 🧘 you learn how to eliminate stress, become mindful, find your true self and live a blissful life. 

With our meditation method and our guidance you can succeed and you will live in peace. Your mind can finally be clear and peaceful. 😀

Work Stress

Release Work Stress

Gently let go of the day's thoughts, leaving work at work (even when working at home).

Fresh mind

Refresh Your Mind

Understand the source of stress and find relief around underlying triggers.


Reconnect With Purpose

Renew your optimism and energy to bring positivity to all you do.

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