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Touching the Surface

Recover Your Mind and Heart

In order for people to become healthy, what is best for their health is to not have the illusionary mind world, which is the false mind within their minds. When there is no stress in the mind, the energy and blood circulates well, which is best for your health. This is also the best thing for the immune system. I have often seen how health improves for all the people who practice this study of eliminating cleansing the  mind.

The essence of our health and well-being depends on the balance of our body, mind, and spirit. Our meditation method is a powerful tool to know what is true and be able to let go of the false thoughts that sicken us. When the mind is clear your face becomes more beautiful and your body healthier. Stress and anxiety disappears and the healing energy of the Universe opens our heart and eases our mind.

Cleanse the mind and find restoration and inner peace knowing we are one with the world and each other. We invite you to join us in live and interactive meditation class. Set in motion the powerful healing ability within you.

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