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Happy and Positive

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Be Happy & Positive

Why people are not happy?

The world gives us everything we need. However, people are so caught up in a sense of lack and shortcomings, and so they can't see what they already have. They just have hungry minds that want more. Deep inside, there is the mind that there is not enough, all the time, because they don't have the Truth within - only the insufficient reality that is incomplete can be seen and experienced. This is 'Cause and Effect' - this is why people are not happy.

For people to have positive and happy minds, it is impossible to achieve it within their own minds. Because people have self-centered and biased minds, they have the minds of envy, jealousy, criticism, good, bad, existence, and nonexistence. Such things exist in their minds because their own minds exist. When people live within those false minds, they live with suffering and burden and have unresolved questions and doubts.

Sad person

For those who are negative, nothing suits their minds. Thus, what they do in the world is also not positive, and they cannot take action. This is why they cannot achieve. This is why they cannot be happy.

Method to be Happy & Positive

When you get rid of the false mind and become the true Mind, then you will have a positive mind, which is an accepting mind. When you have a positive mind, you can ALWAYS  live a positive HAPPY life. Since you are positive, the work that you do is positive, and so things in your live will work out seamlessly.

When you discards the false mind and find the true Mind which is Truth, you can know all the ways of the world and will ALWAYS be HAPPY for you always have the true Mind. You can also know Truth entirely, become Truth, and live eternally.

Happy & Positive

To discard the unhappy, negative minds that are within you, meditation is needed

Power of letting go

Have you ever experienced the power of letting go? Letting go is not suppressing nor forgetting. You can literally let go of all the negative minds with our meditation method. Please watch this videos and try this powerful meditation method to live a delighted, happy life. 

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