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Be Healthy & Happy

Why people are not healthy and happy?

All human illnesses come from the mind; your mind is the most fundamental cause of your illness. So, if your mind doesn't change, you will stay sick.

The body and the mind are one and so your body image and your behaviours are based on the mind you have. Therefore, once you cleanse your mind, you return to your perfect state, which is free of illness. This is how illnesses are cured.

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The Method to Become Healthy & Happy

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For people to become healthy, what is best for their health is to not have the illusionary mind world, which is the false mind in their mind. When there is no stress in the mind, energy and blood circulates well, which is best for your health. This is also the best thing for the immune system. I have often seen how people's health improves for all people who practice this meditation of cleansing the false mind.

The essence of our health and well-being depends on the balance of our body, mind and spirit. Our meditation method is a powerful tool for knowing what is true and letting go of the false thoughts that make us sick. When the mind is clear, your face becomes more beautiful and your body healthier. Stress and anxiety disappear and the healing energy of the Universe opens our hearts and eases our minds.

Why Illnesses are Cured?

The great teachers of the past have told us that in the future, when people become Truth, the first ability they will acquire will be the ability to heal illnesses.

When you cast away the false mind and find the True Mind, which is Truth, you can know all the ways of the world and you will ALWAYS be HEALTHY AND HAPPY because you always have the True Mind. You can also know Truth completely, become Truth and live forever.

Cleansing the Mind Brings Health, Beauty and Longevity

When you cleanse your mind, illnesses disappear and thus you become extremely healthy and beautiful and live a long healthy life. There have been many cases where I have seen people who were cured of their illnesses while cleansing their mind.

Healthy and Happy

Good health starts in your mind. When your mind lives according to the flow of the Universe, it is liberated and lives as Truth, the blood and energy in your body will circulate well and thus you will no longer be sick.

To discard the minds that are making you sick, meditation is needed

The power of healing

Have you ever experienced the power to heal yourself?  With our meditation method, you can actually let go of all harmful minds. Please try this powerful and effective meditation method to live a healthy and happy life.

Cleanse the mind and find restoration and inner peace, becoming one with the world and each other. We invite you to join our live and interactive meditation classes. Put into motion the powerful healing ability within you.

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