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Yoga at Home

Meditation Effect

Carefree Day

Just emptying the day

makes my day calmer

What makes me happy?
From early morning till late at night, I worked hard 24 hours a day, but...
suddenly I felt a void inside me: "Am I living the right way?

In that case, try cleansing meditation in your daily life.
When I look back at my daily life and
clear my mind
I can feel the serenity I've been longing for.


There is nothing more relieving
than looking back on me and throw away my worries

When I look back on my life, I can understand exactly why I was shaped like this.
If you throw away the
tens of thousands of thoughts
that you have in your mind,

your mind will become calm, and you will become an
infinitely broad and clear original mind, leading to a peaceful everyday life.

Clear the mind
Empty the mind

I look back on my day and throw away the thoughts that come to mind.

I look back on the difficult situation and let go of that mind.

I think about the people I was with during the day.

I let go of the feelings and attachments to that person.

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