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Acceptance Is The Greatest Thing Of All

Acceptance is the greatest thing of all because it means embracing everything without discernment. One embraces so that one may be awakened of that which one has embraced.

Being awakened does not mean to gain enlightenment by discerning until one knows for sure what is and what is not; rather, it means to gain enlightenment despite such discernment; it means to discern until one knows it for sure, yet not be bound to one's discernment; it means to discern with the mind that is absent of self.

Because this mind embraces others' narrow minds, it is the mind of great mercy and great benevolence; it is the mind of true, great heart. According to nature's flow, acceptance is the wisdom of life, in which a life that follows this flow is a life of acceptance.


Acceptance is perfect, and so it belongs to nothing. Yet it allows for everything to become one; it will enable us to live seeing things just as they are so that though one may teach, one does not belong to the teachings - one only teaches, one simply does it - which is why it is acceptance. - Woo Myung

We hope you get wisdom from the writing we have shared.

Give us a 🙌 if you’re ready or ON the journey of learning how to accept yourself!

We are here for you 😊

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