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Office employee

Meditation Effect

Wise Work Life

To become an irreplaceable employee you must have a big original Mind

At interviews, the most important thing they look at is "who can I work with?"
This is because they have excellent individual skills and can achieve greater results when working together than when working alone.
The ability to collaborate has become an increasingly necessary virtue in the changing times, but there's no place that tells you about it, so you have to acquire it yourself.

Work relationship

Your ability to collaborate improves as your receptivity increases

Are you not accepting other people's feedback and insisting on your own point of view?
Are you not offended because your opinion was not accepted?
Growing the vessel of my heart and mind and increasing receptivity,

I can work with everyone and achieve greater results.

If you look back on yourself and throw away your false mind you can have an infinitely large original Mind

When I look back on my life, I understand exactly why my mind was shaped this way.
If I throw away the
tens of thousands of thoughts
I have in my mind, my mind becomes an infinitely broad and clear original mind, which increases receptivity and gives me the power to be and collaborate with others.


I think my opinion matters more

A narrow mind that can't separate opinions from people

Willingness to protect myself from other people' s feedback

A narrow view of judging the present based on past successes etc

I throw away the tens of thousands of feelings and emotions I felt while working

  • It gives me the flexibility to think that I could be wrong.

  • Whether the other person's opinion is negative or positive, my mind becomes big and accepting.

  • It becomes a mind focused on the essence, able to think separately from my opinion.

  • Break out of your own frame and become a person with high capacity that the time wants.

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