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Cleansing Your Mind Brings Health And Longevity

When you cleanse your mind, your ailments disappear, and so you become extremely healthy and beautiful and you will live a long life. There have been many such cases in which I have seen people recover from their illnesses while cleansing their minds.

A person’s shape – his image – is his mind. Every single creation lives according to its image because it is shaped according to its mind. Therefore, frogs live jumping around and lions live preying on other animals because they are made in the image to do so. Even people behave differently according to their images, which are the shapes of their minds. Therefore, ‘shape’ or ‘image’, is the mind, for what is in one’s mind appears in one’s image. A person’s mind is the life he has lived, and it is when he abandons that life that only Truth remains – the truth mind will remain.

A person’s illness originates from the false mind that he has, for which the illness is the image of his false mind. When he eliminates his false mind, the flow of blood and energy that had been blocked is freed, and so the illness disappears. In addition, as he eliminates his false mind, he regains his original image, and thus becomes more at ease, which is why he becomes extremely beautiful and handsome. The same goes for his longevity: because he does not have an awareness of self and become one with Heaven, he is liberated. Therefore, he lives with the mind of Heaven without any discernments, pain, burdens or stress; his body is of heaven and so he lives with the longevity of Heaven. This is what it means to live out one’s natural lifespan.

Good health begins in your mind. When your mind lives according to the flow of Universe, is liberated, and lives as Truth, the blood and energy in your body will circulate well, and so you will no longer be ill.

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